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Portland Garage Doors residential, commercial, openers, springs, installation, repair services
Portland Garage Doors residential, commercial, openers, springs, installation, repair services
Garage Door Repair, Installation and Other Services

Our local garage door company in Portland, OR provides professional residential and commercial gate and garage door repair. Portland Garage Doors has the most technicians in Portland, OR ready to take the job within the hour of your call.

Our Licensed and Insured Technicians Have Years of Experience
The springs on a garage door are the reason why it is so easy to lift the hundreds of pounds on a garage door.  If you hear a loud repetitive banging when opening the garage door there is a possibility that you need to repair the springs.  Please be cautious in doing a garage door spring repair.  If you are not a professional, if you are not licensed and insured then you should not be doing a garage door spring repair because it is a very dangerous job.  A garage door spring repair that goes wrong can lead to a fatal injury to you or the people around you.  Fixing a garage door torsion or extension spring can really put you at a high risk of harm because it is a complex spring system under hundreds of pounds of weight and tension that may need to be adjusted.  Many times springs need to be loosened, tightened or completely replaced.  Leave it up to the professionals from Portland Garage Doors; we have experts that specialize in garage door spring repair.

Many other garage door companies in the United States try to use equipment manufactured from other countries outside of the US like China because it’s cheaper.  Cheaper steel and equipment may work temporarily but the job is not long lasting and the quality is low grade.  Portland Garage Doors proudly provides steel manufactured in the United States with high grade quality.  Our technicians go to jobs fully equipped on their trucks ready to do an excellent, durable and professional job on your garage door.  Whether it’s residential or commercial, Portland Garage Doors is more than capable of repairing or replacing your garage door spring. 

Portland Garage Doors engages in professional extension and torsion spring services for:
  • Single Car Garages
  • Double Car Garages
  • Commercial Garage Doors:
    • Loading dock doors, traffic doors, fire doors, roll up gates
    • And more!
  • Residential Garage Doors:
    • Wood doors/wooden composite doors, steel/aluminum garage doors, glass doors, vinyl doors
    • And more!
  • Non-insulated doors
  • Insulated doors
  • And more!
Portland Garage Doors also provides more than just garage door spring repair; Portland Garage Doors provides:
  • Convert Of Extension Spring To Torsion Spring
  • Complete Door Adjustment After Spring Replacement
  • Extension Spring Replacement
  • Double Torsion Replacement, for Heavier Security Level Doors/Garage Doors.
  • Extended Lifespan Torsion Springs (High Traffic Commercial Properties)
  • Single Torsion Spring Replacement for light weight garage doors
  • Non-Standard Garage Door Spring Conversion
  • One-Piece Garage Door Springs
  • And much more!
  • All Portland Garage Doors Spring Replacements Are Completed Using High Cycle Oil Tempered Springs; This Triples The Lifespan Of An Average Garage Door Spring! Portland Garage Door Spring Replacements Are Extremely Durable.
Don’t trust other companies that will use cheap steel to get the job done quickly.  Don’t trust independent contractors without a company that will momentarily fix your garage door springs but not warranty their work! The technicians from Portland Garage Doors take the necessary amount of time needed to fix your spring in an efficient and professional manner.  Portland Garage Doors has a 90 day warranty on all spring repairs to safeguard your work and guarantee a long lasting effect.
Portland Garage Doors services include:
  • 90 day warranty
  • Free estimates for new doors
  • Free over the phone consultation and estimates
  • Estimates for repair
  • 247 emergency services for customers who have an urgent dilemma after store hours
    • Portland Garage Doors works 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year! That includes nights, weekends and holidays!
  • Valuable coupons exclusively available to online clientele.  Your choice of:
    • $20 off spring repair
    • 10% off garage repair
    • $75 off a new door
    • 15% off garage door opener installation
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Licensed and insured professional technicians with over 5+ years of experience under their belts
  • Professional Repair, Replacement, Installation Services for Garage Doors and Garage Door Hardware/Parts
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Same day service
  • And more!
Call Portland Garage Doors now to activate your online coupon!  We want to help you save your money but get quality service.  In an economy in today’s day, it is hard to find a decent local garage door company that won’t double the price.  Call other companies, compare prices see what works best for you.  Portland Garage Doors has negotiable prices because we value you as a company and want to continue being Portland’s #1 choice!
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