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Portland Garage Doors residential, commercial, openers, springs, installation, repair services
Portland Garage Doors residential, commercial, openers, springs, installation, repair services
Garage Door Repair, Installation and Other Services

Our local garage door company in Portland, OR provides professional residential and commercial gate and garage door repair. Portland Garage Doors has the most technicians in Portland, OR ready to take the job within the hour of your call.

Our Licensed and Insured Technicians Have Years of Experience
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I schedule an appointment?

It’s simple! Just call Portland Garage Doors at (503) 303-6724 and a friendly phone representative will send someone when you need them!

How do I measure the opening of my garage door?

Take a measuring   tape and measure the garage door width in feet and inches. The rough garage door opening should be the same size as the garage door.

When one garage door spring breaks, does the other one need repair as well?
Yes!  When one garage door spring breaks that means that the other is under high tension and needs to be repaired.  It is possible to just repair or replace one garage door spring, however, that is not a prudent decision because that repair will not last long.  The other garage door spring is fatigued and bound to snap at any moment which is dangerous and more costly!  It is highly recommended that you replace both.  It is also recommended that you have a professional repair, replace your garage door springs because of the high risk of injury.  The techs from Portland Garage Doors specialize in spring repair for over a decade and will provide the safest, most efficient and professional spring replacement services in all of Portland, OR.
What if I need someone to come by after store hours?

That’s not an issue.  Portland Garage Doors provides 247 emergency services for customers in need of an emergency repair.  We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year! Portland Garage Doors hours include evenings, weekends and holidays!  We have open availability for your convenience!

How come my garage door goes back up when I try to close it?

The cause for this reason is most likely an obstruction in the doorway path of the garage door.  You should check the doorway path for anything coming into contact with the safety eyes of the electric garage door opener unit.  If you are still having difficulty you should check and see if the safety beam LED indicator red light is blinking.  If the lights are blinking then double check to see if the safety eyes were installed which would be 6 inches from the ground.  Many people who install garage door openers without professional help make the mistake of not properly installing the safety eyes.  If they are installed correctly you should call a professional or look up troubleshooting in the owner’s manual for supplementary solutions.  The technicians from Portland Garage Doors have done thousands

How my electronic opener is still working but my garage door isn’t moving?

This could mean that the garage door is detached.  If the red emergency release cord has been pulled then you must re-attach the carriage.  Refer to the owner’s manual on how to re-engage the carriage because it depends on the model you have. 

How do I test the balance of my garage door? 

Before testing anything, please make sure you disengage your electronic garage door opener if you have one.  Then lift your garage door.  Your garage door should open with little or no resistance, smoothly and should stay open 3-4 feet from the floor.  If this is not the case and/or the garage door has resistance and is not easy to open then it may be unbalanced and may need alignment.  Call a professional from Portland Garage Doors and we will fix it today!

How to I test the reversing mechanism?

Lay a 2x4 flat piece of wood on the floor in the garage doorway opening. Using the wall button or transmitter, close the garage door.  The moment the door comes into contact with the piece of wood it should automatically reverse.  If it does not then call a garage door professional.  Do not wait until the last minute especially if you have children or pets because this is a safety issue.  Portland Garage Doors supplies, installs and replaces leading brand openers like LiftMaster with various model types and high quality safety and reversing system technology. 

How do I lubricate my garage door hardware?

See a door professional for the proper lubricant spray.  Once you purchase it-it’s simple!  Spray the lubricant on the garage door hinges, rollers and tracks. 

My garage door opener was made in 1992, should I look into replacing it?

Yes! Garage door openers manufactured before 1993 should definitely be examined because because more likely than not, the garage door opener safety eyes are not present.  Most if not all, garage door openers made before 1993 do not have the electronic safety eyes that prevents the door from crushing objects in the doorway path.  If you have pets or children you should not think twice about replacing your existing garage door opener with a new one.  At Portland Garage Doors, safety is #1 before anything else.  Have one of our licensed, insured and experienced professionals who specialize in garage door opener replacement come to inspect your opener.

Where are you located?

Portland Garage Doors is a local garage door company with the widest coverage; we have technicians all over the Portland, OR metro area and its surrounding neighborhoods.  We have a plethora of technicians in Portland, OR which allows us to be easily accessible and to provide flexible scheduling!

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